Friday, November 28, 2014

It's Black Friday.....

...and I'm glad to be snug in my cozy little house. I also slept well last night while others jostled for position outside of big-box stores and malls, looking for those great Black Friday bargains.

I guess I've always loved sleep more than shopping, because I've never gone out on Black Friday. Seeing video of people fighting over gigantic TVs doesn't exactly encourage me to get out there, anyways.

But the main reason I don't go shopping on Black Friday is the same reason I shop very little these days: when we downsized, I got rid of so much stuff, and I don't want it back!

I like open floor and counter space, closets that are only half-full, drawers that close easily. I've found that if I don't go shopping, I'm not tempted to bring things home, things I really don't need.

As for Christmas gifts, I'm trying to give gifts that don't create clutter; I'd hate to think my family members might feel stuck with something they don't really need just because "Mom gave it to me and I'll feel guilty getting rid of it." That's how people end up with houses full of stuff.

So I'm getting them gift cards as well as consumable items like gourmet food, items that they'll enjoy but don't clutter up their homes. The fact that I can buy these things without leaving home is a bonus!

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