Friday, January 17, 2014

The Lure of the Tiny House

This tiny house story made the rounds of the Internet this week. I think it's cute that they recycled Trader Joe's bags, and I like the tin siding idea too. But I think the tiny house trend goes far beyond just "originality and creativity," as the tiny house owner said in the article.

The economy is surely a factor; many people just can't afford a house and all the bills that come with it, and after this many years, it's hard to find optimism that things will improve soon. So a tiny house is something they can actually own outright and even move around.

But another factor looms large: those of us who have done the big house thing know that it fills up! It fills up so darn fast. And if you have kids, it fills up faster than you can believe.

And when you're busy (and who isn't?), there isn't much time to clear out all the stuff that a big house attracts, so the problem just grows and grows until you're forced to do something about it (or you end up on that "Hoarders" tv show......).

A tiny house, or even a small house, limits you because it's like a small box: you can only fit so much into it. You won't ever be overwhelmed by three stories of clutter (as I once was) in a tiny house. That concept is very attractive to many people, especially those who have experienced clutter overload. Also, many of us of a certain age (50+) are so done with the accumulation phase of our lives; we now prefer experiences to possessions.

Personally, I couldn't live in a tiny house because I'm claustrophobic; just the sight of their tiny bathrooms and sleeping lofts forces me to take a deep breath. But a small house? Oh, my, I may miss my big house at times, but I sure do love my little house.

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