Friday, January 24, 2014

Learning from the 1950s

Who knew that there were people who like to pretend they live in the 1950s? I didn't, but I sure enjoyed this article about them. As for the photos, they made me feel like a child again, visiting a relative's home. What fun!

In the article, the professor who studies and photographs these people made an interesting point:

"A pencil skirt now is the same as a pencil skirt from the 1950’s. The only difference is the one you buy now was probably made in China, and won’t last three washings."

It is this affinity for quality that Ms. Greenburg believes the Rockabilly community, which spans across pockets of people in almost every city, is most attracted to: the 'joyous' design and 'beautiful' functionality of furniture, clothing and ephemera of the Fifties....
"We did not have a disposable “Made in China” culture like we do now. When you bought a toaster, it worked for decades, and it looked good just as long. If it broke, you had it repaired. You did not simply toss it into a landfill and head out to a big box store to buy another. . . Yes, even the toaster was joyous in its design."
Isn't that the truth? You didn't hear so much about clutter and hoarding back in those days. People used what they had,  and repaired what was broken because it was worth fixing. Things weren't so cheap physically that you threw them out after three washings, and they weren't so cheap monetarily that you could afford to just keep amassing stuff like we do now.

Makes me wish we could go back to that mindset....but where do you find quality items these days?

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