Friday, December 27, 2013

Why Keep Stuff That Makes You Feel Bad?

When we did our major purge, I found my teenage diaries, written in spiral notebooks in my childish scrawl (which looks better than my adult scrawl, thanks to the fact that I use a keyboard too much, but I digress....)

I don't know why I dragged those diaries around for so many years. I always thought I would reread them, but whenever I tried, they either bored me or made me sad, because I'm one of those people who thinks the phrase "the best years of your life" (when referring to high school) could cause some kids to think "if this is as good as it's gonna get, why bother?" Seriously, I've found the post-teen years to be much better!

So when we were trying to downsize our way into this little house, I pitched every single diary. Seriously! And  you know what? I haven't missed them once.

Now that could change as I get older. But I doubt it. I've learned not to keep around things that make me feel bad. Apparently, I'm not the only one, either.

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